Pigeon Hole Productions explores new avenues through creative, entrepreneurship, technology, and civic engagement.  The team has flown around the globe from Berlin to Columbia to Thailand using World Building as a foundation of their work.  Hovering on the edge of a new type of business and innovation-driven practice, Pigeon Hole Productions pushes the boundaries of the expected.


Berlinale Talents

World Building the future of surviellance in Germany at The Berlinale Film Festival.  With Trisha Williams, Alex McDowell, Kamal Sinclair, Juan DiazB, and Itamar Kubovy.

Immersive Therapeutics

Exploring the Cell and the City project for the virtual Entertainment Technology Center at the Technicolor Experience Center.

San Diego Voyager Interview

Local Magazine SD Voyager talks with Trisha Wililams and Joseph Unger about Pigeon Hole Productions.

Pinball Rules Podcast

Joseph Unger explores topics of design and engagement through his podcast, Pinball Rules.




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