Future20 combines the creative expertise, technology, and research behind the entertainment industry with communities to create a shared vision of our future world to inspire real-world change in the present.


Pigeon Hole Productions partnered up with The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri to World Build what a section of the city would look like in the year 2038.  Representatives from the community such as radio personalities, civic organizers, artists, devoted parents, and several other industries came together for a new way to think and talk about their city.  Focusing on the lenses of Inclusion, Accessibility, and Safety, Kansas City created a future glimpse of a crossroads in Virtual Reality as well as 14 individual projects to take a step towards making the fiction a reality.



In 2016, at the border of San Diego and Tijuana, 50 people from either side came together to envision a future where the cities came together to form one, united, bi-national city called Frontera.  Throughout these days the World Builders talked education, immigration, food production, adaption to climate and more.  This was the first step in creating the Future20 project and has continued forward since.

A Rift in Time

Before the Frontera group met on the border, they collected in downtown San Diego to experience a few of the things our present day has to offer and began thinking about what will change in the next 20 years.

San Ysidro High School

Pigeon Hole Productions worked with San Ysidro High School’s photography class for Frontera.  The students learned new ways to use their cameras as well as new functions in digital software to create “future glimpses” of Frontera 2036.

Frontera Kick-Off Video

To set all the World Builders off on a clear path, a short video was created about a few of the topics to integrate into the future world.




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