ENGAGEMENT (n) [ enˈgājmənt ]

1. Sustained interest and involvement in a person, product, or service by a user or audience.

2. Audience retention.


For your story to be heard, the audience needs to stick around.

Content was king, but now content is everywhere. It’s no longer good enough just to make something that’s interesting or excellent. There is no more “build it and they will come.” No single, cultural pillar driven by good marketing alone.

Getting the audience to sit down and listen, read, watch, or play is just the start of the show. Retaining the highest number of that audience possible is now the road rising above the noise. Engagement has taken the throne.


Pigeon Hole approaches every story, game, and creation starting with one question: “How is this engaging?” What will make the watcher keep watching, the listener keep listening and the player keep playing? We like to call this practice, and our tool set, ENGAGEMENT DESIGN.

To start, we partner with Scientists, Artists, Story Tellers, Designers, and Data Experts. Like an architect, we design solutions in the form of worlds that keeps the audience coming back for more. Then we verify our results to make things even better.

Whether it’s a new series or an old game, we build a sustainable audience and improve the entertainment industries’ understanding of how to build better projects.