What Is 30 Second Designer?

30 Second Designer is a collection of design rules for designers of all types. Each defines an aspect or a process that you, the designer, can immediately put into use in your own practice.

This week the topic is:

​The 3 Step Core Loop

Creating a successful experience is about creating connections, creating a core loop. A core loop is your roadmap to give your audience or user a reason to stay. At the most basic a core loop is:

Call To Action  



Direct simplicity drives a core loop’s success. A single button flashing is a call to action. Pressing the button is an action, the reward is the bell that rings when the button is pressed.  Stacking these loops, like gears are stacked in a machine, can drive larger and larger actions. In a story, an explosion is a call to action to be curious about what’s next. The action is staying with the story teller just a bit longer. The reward is finding out what caused the explosion. 

Summary:  No matter what the project, your audience and users are collaborating with you to make an experience. Give them a reason to stay involved by creating a core loop. Stack core loops together to create complex and engaging experiences