What Is 30 Second Designer?

30 Second Designer is a collection of design rules for designers of all types. Each defines an aspect or a process that you, the designer, can immediately put into use in your own practice.

This week the topic is:

​Start With Interaction

Designers of all stripes start with love of content. Often we let our vision of our creations cloud our decisions about what’s best for our audience.  For the best design, we must start with interaction.

Decide what needs to be interacted with 

Limit interaction to natural motion and behavior 

Design to the limits

Our visions are naturally big and it is our nature to get lost in our projects. This strength of vision also makes us forget that the audience is not us. They do not know our language and we need to teach them how to use our inventions.

By establishing a limited vocabulary of interactions, we create the widest opportunity for the audience and users to love our designs as much as we do.

Summary: After your world and vision is established, go back to the start. Ask ‘what do I need to interact with?’  Define a limited vocabulary of interaction and then design the access to your content to those limits.