What Is 30 Second Designer?

30 Second Designer is a collection of design rules for designers of all types. Each defines an aspect or a process that you, the designer, can immediately put into use in your own practice.

This week the topic is:

Pinball Rules

Pinball is approachable, usable, and exciting. The rules are simple from the start:

  1. Insert your quarter
  2. Fling the shiny ball into motion
  3. Smack the flippers to keep the ball from falling

The more things you hit, the more you're rewarded with CLINGS and RINGS and DINGS!  Your score shoots up into the tens of thousands and higher and the table comes alive with movement and blinking lights.  Although seemingly easy at first, the more you play that more you learn how to play even BETTER than the last time. No one is afraid to play pinball.

Summery: Keep your designs as approachable as pinball. Make it exciting to approach, easy to try, be generous with rewards and have something to discover over time.