What Is 30 Second Designer?

30 Second Designer is a collection of design rules for designers of all types. Each defines an aspect or a process that you, the designer, can immediately put into use in your own practice.

This week the topic is:

Everything is Content

When we look at our stories, structures and creations, we benefit from understanding that each design is a form of content waiting to be encountered by an audience. Time and function define our content:

Consumable – One time use that we use and discard or use up completely. 

Connective – Regular use that connects individuals to goods or groups. 

Sustaining – Long term use that we expect to be a permanent and dependable structure.

Design from stepping back and appreciating function as much as form. A story can function the same as food or a building and vice versa, all without losing artistic integrity or beauty. There is little difference to a retailer like Amazon between a movie, t-shirt, or toothpaste. The retailer only sees these items as content that is desired and an order that can be fulfilled.  It is up to the creator to match their content with the right curator and content delivery service. 

Summary: When designers see their creation as content, then they can more easily answer why their design will be successful. Why their design fulfills a need. How the audience will access the content, and how long it will sustain.